Amor Fashion Design Institute in Ahmedabad

Amor Design Institute in Ahmedabad offers courses in various disciplines including Fashion, Interior, Product, and Textiles. Founded in the year 2000, the institute has grown from a small training centre to a multicourse design institute. The institute is known for its annual exhibition-cum-sale and has been exhibiting its products and services in major cities of India. Here are some of the highlights of the institute.

Amor Design Institute

Located in Vastrapur, Amor Design Institute is affiliated with Sikkim Manipal University, Ahmedabad and is approved by the University Grant Commission. It has well-equipped facilities and a team of talented professionals. The institute offers various diploma courses in fashion and interior designing. The courses are of various lengths, and students can choose the duration of their course depending on their preference.

The students at Amor Fashion Design Institute in Ahmedabad study the art of fashion design in a scientific and systematic manner. The institute hosts an annual exhibition/sale to sell their creations and raise funds for the course. The students are also taught creative workshops such as tie and dye, printing, image makeover, and accessory making from waste products. The institute also offers various field trips. The institute has been a pioneer in providing high-quality education to its students.

Amor Design Institute Fashion Design Course
Institute Fashion Design Course

Annual Exhibition-cum-Sale at Amor

Amor Design Institute in Vastrapur, Gujarat, established in 2000, offers short- and long-term certification courses in fashion, and interior design. The school offers a range of courses, including specialized courses for working professionals and those who want to learn a new skill. This college is a renowned place to get your creative juices flowing and gain valuable experience while you study.

Career Options in Fashion and Interior Designing

If you love designing clothes, you can choose to become a fashion designer. You can study fashion design at Amor and gain a career in the fashion industry. The institute offers many interior designing courses, from manual to computer-aided. And the best part is, these courses can help you earn a good salary. Moreover, you can choose to work for a fashion brand after graduation.

The institute provides students with cutting-edge design education and has trained thousands of students. Faculty members at the institute are alumni of prestigious design institutes, and they impart a holistic curriculum. The learning environment is also comfortable. Interested students can join the Fast Track Program, which can be completed within three or six months.

Courses offered at Amor Design Institute

Amor’s staff comprises experienced faculty with vast experience in the field of fashion and design. Students can expect to gain valuable first-hand experience through workshops and seminars. In addition to learning from experienced faculty, Amor students will also participate in exhibitions and seminars.

The Amor Fashion Design Institute offers fashion design courses for students with an interest in combining art and fashion. The institute has graduated over 2800 students in the past 18 years and has a track record of fostering creativity. The institute is dedicated to fostering a passion for art and has hosted many events to raise awareness about fashion. The Amor fashion event is held annually, featuring students studying interior design and fashion.

The Bottom Line

Amor Design Institute is a reputed design institute and offers various short-term diploma and long-term degree programs in fashion, and interior design. Amor’s faculty comprises experienced graduates from leading fashion institutes. Its students are given hands-on experience through exhibitions, workshops and seminars. Apart from academics, students can join the institute’s alumni network for job opportunities. The institute has a dedicated studio for the students and offers a comprehensive range of fashion design courses.

A Career in Fashion Designing in Amor Design Institute